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30.11.00                     Nick

I know, I didn't post anything yesterday, I couldn't find anything that I felt was worth it.

Today has been a slow news day too. has posted 20 new cases in their Cool Case Gallery. Some awesome ideas there go check it out.

28.11.00                     Nick

Overclockers of Australia has put up a searchable database supported by their patrons. It looks like a good source to find what others have done to their machines from overclocking to case mods to overclocking their video cards.

Is windows now going to be the operating system playing catch-up with Linux? Here is an article from Linux World that seems to think so.

27.11.00                     Nick

I decided to take Sundays off, so today I have these tidbits for you today. 

If you are like me and send mail periodically while doing other things, here is a quick way to launch your favorite mail program from Windows. And its from Microsoft. has a good tutorial over what Linux is along with some history of the operating system. Its a long read, but well worth it.

25.11.00                   Nick

I have found a fix for those fragile Durons and T-Birds. Here is the plans to build a spacer from Gideon Tech.

Since no one is perfect even though most of us wont admit to it. Here is some proof from Tuplay about some of the screw ups from Intel. Not that I have anything against their overpriced underpowered processors. Lots of laughs here.

Here is a tidbit from 3DRage for everyone stuck in Windows 9x land. 

24.11.00                    Nick

Something I found interesting and thought I would pass along to my visitors. A new mother board review from Tweak Town that looks interesting. The MSI K7T Pro2A

Well, My adventures in putting 5 operating systems on my machine hasn't worked so far. I have three working, but I cant get my boot manager to recognize that Linux is a bootable partition. More on that as I feel like messing with it.

As you all know, Netscape 6 is out. I will agree with them, its smaller... by 4 meg. Gee big savings there. I would advise on waiting on the second or third update before bothering with it. It seems to operate slowly, I have tried it under both Windows 98 and NT5 and it doesn't matter which, its slow.

23.11.00                    Nick

This is what I am planning for this site. I am going to try to get daily updates of news of interest (computers). Also, I will post links to some neat tips I have found around the web. I hope anyone who visits me will send me anything that others might like to know about. If I look like everyone else I am sorry, I used them for inspiration, but tried not to copy too much.