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31.12.00                    Nick

New Year Edition. Well, in a few hours it will be... Lets see what new news I can come up with from around the world while I watch the snow accumulate.

Get a brew and join us at the Hardware Pub for a review of the MSI K7T Pro2-A Motherboard. Priced at $112 today on its not a bad deal.

Microsoft users beware, Linux World is reporting of an incident in Virginia Beach that may have enabled Microsoft to be paid twice for software. Even if you have bought the software, it apparently doesn't matter unless you can prove it.

30.12.00                    Nick

Ok... Time for an update without having to fight with the elements. I finally got a chance to be online a while, got Napster going, checked my email, and I found a new Thumbdrive from Trek that I think everyone needs. has the review on this device. Its looks really neat, but kinda expensive.

[H]ardOCP has a guide to overclocking your video card. In case your wondering, that good for gamers but not as useful if you just browse the web or word process. 

Power Color has been quite lately, but that has changed now and RIZENET had the review on their new video card the PowerGene MX.

I found a tool at Micro-Marks that might just replace the Dremel *l* yea right, but it looks just as useful and it does circles and arcs better.

28.12.00                    Nick

WOW! that's amazing, I finally get my website updated and the electricity stays on the rest of the day, Now if we just had some water.*l*

Ok, enough whining. Here is some news that everyone else can use.

I must admit the price of generic ram is tempting. Ok, so I run generic myself, but Have you considered how much of a performance boost getting ram from Crucial or Mushkins' can effect performance? AthlonMB has a reveiw of Mushkins Ram compared to Generic. I recently benchmarked my ram with Norton's Utilities and I find a drop in performance after 128. I have swapped them to verify that its not just a benchmark fluke or not.

Win4Lin or VMWare??? tough choices maybe Linux World can help you decide which is best for your setup. I think its actually better than having a dual or triple boot systems. 5 Oses in my case.

27.12.00                    Nick

Ok, third time is the charm, this is the third time I have tried to make this update and lets home the electricity stays on long enough to get it saved. Here is the situation, We had a major ice storm and power has been going down often. I have finally been able to keep my computer on long enough to get it booted and make an update. Since NT doesn't like hard shutdowns, wish me luck and send me a UPS unit.*g*

24.12.00                    Nick

I have decided to take the holidays off, but I will have a new update for everyone on Tuesday. Tuesday morning if your lucky. Unless I find something that needs to be posted. Well, I am off to bed before Santa gets here.

23.12.00                    Nick

Why does everything break at the same time? My mobile phone, washer, and cd player all died in the same day. 

Savagezone has a nice read on how to build your own computer. It may not be the most educational for most of us, but it is interesting.

The Duke of URL has the XFree86 upgrade for everyone with Linux. The upgrade has full support for the new ATI Radeon video cards. So you might want to upgrade both at the same tme.

So this is the update for now. 

22.12.00                    Nick

Get the cookies out, were baking processors afterwards at Dan's Data. Actually, he addresses something that everyone running a water block or thinking of running a water cooled system should consider. I think using auto coolant would have helped since is designed to be a coolant better than water and doesn't grow algae as bad.

Adrian's Rojak Pot has got even more tip for the Win2K users out there.

Got Broadband? then obviously you want to go faster right? And there is quite a price jump to a T1 from cable or DSL so here is the next best thing from Speed Corp Your very own copy of W2K performance enhancer. Enjoy.

One quick update and I am going to bed. I will have more news for tomorrow. I finally got a camera and have some pics of my computer right here, check them out.

21.12.00                    Nick

Lets start with the news. Edwin, call you "wicked step-mom" its important. Now that I got that out of the way. On to the news we all care about.

The House Of Help has a C++ tutorial for everyone who like to program their Linux the way they want. I guess anyone not familiar with C++ can use it too.

Lets see what else is in the inbox today. Looks like Case Modders Australia has another tutorial on how to take care of that mess of cables in your computer. Rounding and bundling your cables will help keep things cool inside by allowing more air to move around and that moves heat away.

20.12.00                    Nick

Chicks hardware has a DVD mod that looks easy. They used a slot load DVD, but I think it would work just a well with a tray load drive.

Hardware OC has a good article over digital camera. They cover cameras from Polaroid and Toshiba these are fairly inexpensive cameras as digitals go.

I think I have been to the computer shop these guys are talking about... Its a funny read at FreakNuts.

I know its a short update, but I am finally recovering from my problems out of win2000. I have been searching for the solution to that problem. So I am going back to the news groups for a while. Enjoy my updates.

19.12.00                    Nick

This is the I am fighting with windows 2000 edition. Yes, its a good stable windows. just as long as you dont change your hardware. I flashed my bios and it reset everything back to factory settings and there went 2000... Out the window, format, reload 6 freaking gigs worth of software, spend all night working on it so I can make one quick update. I haven't even checked my mail.  

18.12.00                     Nick

Ok, this was just too cool of an idea, but what else would you expect from Taco Nuts. If you got an intellimouse and want something besides that red glow, Here you go.

OH my God. Some one needs to inform this guy that there is a speed limit in this country. Geez. Below Zero has found a Celeron 566 running at 1140. That's over twice the labeled speed.

17.12.00                     Nick

Tweak Town has a review on a new card cooler design. I read over it, its got a quick, simple installation and works good. I think it would be just a good to build one your self if you can get fans cheaply. Like at

Smokin MHz has something I hadn't seen yet. a HD cooler and temperature monitor that will hold a 3.5 inch drive. This can be good if you are using on of your 5.25 inch bays for a hard drive anyway, or if you need a little extra cooling on that hot 12x cd-rw. 

Well, thats enough for now, maybe more later.

15.12.00                     Nick

Just a quick update tonight, I am bizzy fighting my proxy server. It decided I cant send email anymore. I can get it, but cant get rid of it. *grrrrr*

I did find some IE tweaks from 3D Spotlight. Its nothing to download, but its some settings to make IE more friendly, well if you use IE.

Lets see, has a review on a Dual motherboard from MSI.

The Tech Report has a side by side comparison of our two favorite processors the T-bird vs the Duron. Talk about a tough choice.

14.12.00                     Nick

OH hell, I guess I will make a quick update before bed so I don't have as much to do tomorrow, besides I found some good stuff and don't want to forget about it before my usual update. 

Question: Where does bad light end up?
Answer: In a Prism.

Linux lovers beware. Apparently there are some problems with AMDs 760 chipset and Linux. The Tech Report has the full story on a motherboard equipped with the new chipset. Although they don't say what distribution of Linux they were using.

I am working on my own version of the dust stopper as seen on Fast-MHz but I am gonna make some changes, I don't really like the plain white of the filter material Mark used so I am thinking of trying Scotchbrite scour pads, they are durable, thin, and washable, not to mention green which will soon match my case. Anyhow, I also found a stereo VU meter on SmokinMHz that looks like a kewl build and I will be working on it next and let you guys know how it goes.

13.12.00                     Nick

I found an old Russian Proverb at that I thought was fitting since we got an inch of ice and sleet today.
The church is near, 
but the road is icy. 
The bar is far away, 
but I will walk carefully.

Well, since I haven't been too excited about jumping for a new P4 yet. I found yet another reason to hold off. Other than giving Intel time to work out the bugs of the manufacturing process. ZDNet had found some compatibility problems with the worlds newest processor. 

Overclockers of Australia has an interesting article for anyone about to buy a new mother board. It seems SIS is trying to cheat the benchmark programs to make themselves look better.

The Ctrl-Alt-Del has some useful utilities for just about everything in your computer.

12.12.00                     Nick

This was one of those days at work that I had to think too hard so I don't feel like making an update at the moment.

I hardly looked thru any of the over clocking sites or hardware sites. Little White Dog as a second review on a case cooler.

11.12.00                     Nick

WOW! Club OC is giving out Christmas gifts early this year. They are giving something away everyday between now and Christmas.

The $5.13 Lazy Man's Case Mod... hum... that pretty much describes me, cheap and lazy, and to drop the temperature a few more degrees its quick and easy. Especially if your like me.

ELR Computers has an Enlight 7237 with a 250 Watt PSU on sale for $59.96 

10.12.00                     Nick

A friend just started his online store ELR Computers. Go check it out, better yet, go buy something. 

09.12.00                     Nick

Anyone need a good reason to modify a new Enlight case? Well PC Workshop has as good of a reason as any, a contest. They are limiting it to the Enlight 7237 case. It priced right for this kind of job and its a popular case among modders.

EMS Computing has the case you need for PC Workshops contest. It has no PSU, but thats just one less thing to take out when you start chopping on it right? For $20 plus shipping and handling, its not alot to spend for a contest.

BelowZero has a good use for the MC1000 heatsink.Turn it into a water block for your processor. The job seems a little involved but if you gots nothing else to do then why not try a water block instead of a heat sink.

I just noticed my horizontal line I started with didn't last long...*l*

Overclockers special from Accubyte. An 800 Mhz Duron with a 15 day warranty for $89 or pick up an 800 Mhz Thunderbird for only $20 more.... Not bad if you ask me.

08.12.00                     Nick

I got some news today. I know its kinda unusual lately, but for all you AMD Duron and T-bird lovers, here is something that might just save some tears. Its a copper shim for less than $10 from Club Over Clockers.

PCWorld has an article on reliability and service form pc manufacturers. I guess the service is for those of us who don't turn the warranty into a dust cover or after we push the processor up in speed. or cut a few more holes in the case...*g*

07.12.00                     Nick

Damn I hate computers...*l*.. Well, here's what's up today. I spent most of the day working on my case. I opened a vent in the front for my 80 mm fan there. Pics coming soon. I also got Linux up and running along with Windows so I can go back to my reviewing of my hardware under Linux.

In the news today. Dan's Data has a list of the top 8 myths of computers. It mostly for newbies, but its a good read anyway.

Hard OCP has their second article in a series for beginners in case Modding.

I guess that's enough to get you guys started. I am trying to drag Alex in on this operation and he claims he will be onboard as soon as his Java class is over. Lets try to get him to do some nice toys for the site.

06.12.00                     Nick

More stinking computer problems, but I think I got everything worked out. System commander had to learn who was the boss. Now that its in charge, I will be fine. Lets see, you want some news right?

Well, soon I will be doing a write up on System Commander. It looks like it will be really good for anyone who wants to use multiple operating system without have to have a dozen computers. It will recognize over 100 different operating systems and so far, I have it booting from any of four OSes. 

03.12.00                      Nick

I know I said daily updates, but I have been fighting with my computer for two days so I think I am even. I got system commander running and I am working on getting everything back installed the way it was only better, so maybe I wont have this problem again.

Uhm News. Lets see... About the only thing I can find is some rumors from Soyo that there are imitation motherboards out there. 

If anyone decides to get me a Christmas gift, The Tech Zone has already made a list that looks good to me. Email me for an address to mail it to.

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