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31.01.01                  Nick

I know I deal mostly with computer mods, but what about a phone. Maybe a Sanyo with more features than my first computer. Check out Sanyos SCP-4500 at Tech-GODS.

Their gonna start charging soon so you might as well tweak it now. 3D Spotlight has found a way to tweak our favorite mp3 service.

30.01.01                 Nick

Getting a grip on all your computer equipment can be a challenge, short of putting your desk on casters and screwing everything down. GearGrip has the next best thing. 

Want a custom case but cant draw a straight line with a ruler? Here is help form

I have often wondered what is the maximum temperature for my processor. The Heatsink guide has compiled a list from the manufactures of the processors.

29.01.01                   Nick

I found something at HardwareOC for all the smokers out there. All you need is an ashtray mod.*l*
Also while I was there I found their rookies guide to PCs, not a bad read, especially if your just getting started and or wanting to get started.

And another tweak from TweakersAsylum for the Windows 2000 users out there.

28.01.01                   Nick

With desktop real estate at a premium you may be ready to settle for underpowered, under performing speakers, but you don't have to. Legion Hardware reviews the 5 speaker system from Altec Lansing. With 5 speaker for surround sound and bass kick, its a surprisingly small arrangement.

Everyone wants a super computer right? Well, with OSCAR it is easier than you think. It can be done with any distribution of Linux, but this one makes it easier and is optimized for cluster computing.

27.01.01                   Nick

Ok, I am back now, lets do an update. And I caught my computer doing something not quite right here

Rojak has another update on his tips list for Windows 2000. Its starting to look more customizable and controllable than win 9x and that's scary.

If your looking for an inexpensive laser printer, check out the Samsung ML-4500 reviewed at  Neoseeker. Features like 8 ppm 30 Mhz processor and 2 Mb of ram it can handle the biggest of your documents easily.

Mikhailtek has a way to keep your computer quite while running a dozen fans. Dynamat as 3mm thick plastic stick on damper. It cuts noise by keeping the sheet metal from vibrating from the fans.

And to stay faithful to the Linux people out there, from Linux here is how to get Linux and Windows to talk nicely to each other, even when they are on the same box.

23.01.01                 Nick

I will not be updating very much this week, but I will make up for it next week. I am waiting on a disk with important stuff for the updates to be returned.

20.01.01                 Nick

I didn't get an update yesterday because I was downloading all night... damn I hate dialup connections.

OK, you broke your computer and its beyond your skills, Your first instinct is to grab the phone and hit speed dial for my number. But if you decide to get it fixed professionally what do you look for in your repair tech? HardwareOC has a guide to professional help.

Little White Dog has a wonder list of EVIL tips and tricks for windows. Just What ALL of us need.*eg*

18.01.01                  Nick

Its big, its fast and its from IBM. Speedy 3D has a review of IBM's 75 GB 7200 rpm drive. With features like 8.5 ms seek times and 2 MB of cache this is a sweet drive.

17.01.01                  Nick

Now we all love the way Microsoft likes to fragment a drive, I swear when it reads a file it has to move it first. But here is your solution from Tweakers Asylum. A better way to defragment with disk keeper.

Everyone remembers the history of the Intel processor right, its the main subject at the water cooler right? Or do I just work in a weird place? If your Intel history isn't what it should be, take a look at Legion Hardware for a complete history of Intel processors.

And I will finish the update with this for my dedicated readers who haven't modified their case yet. and I know who all 4 of you are... Overclockers Online is a good place to begin.

16.01.01                  Nick

Train wreck has a stress test for a hedgehog. No, its not a little furry critter running on a treadmill, it the all copper heat sink.

I'm Not a has got a not so geeky review of the Creative Annihilator2 MX with DDR Memory video card. with 128 bit memory to go with a 128 bit processor, it is bad.

15.01.01                   Nick

Yet another definitive BIOS Optimization guide from Rojak Pot. Actually I think its an update for a newer version, but its good to make sure your running at your best right from the start.

Desktop Mods??? Ok, when I found this I thought I was gonna get the skil saw out and do some real mods, then I found out it was the Other desktop. Oh well, its kewl to mod everything.

Have I mentioned yet that its coming SOON!! Click here if you dont know what I am talking about.

14.01.01                 Nick

I know a 72X CD-ROM is fast enough for everyone right? Well, even if you aren't up to that speed, you can still make it go faster and Hardware OC will show you how with their list of CD/DVD tweaks.

Finally the long awaited break into the server market may be getting closer for AMD. EBN Online has reported that Sun's Cobalt may launch AMDs Athlon into the server market. This combined with Gigabyte and Tyan releasing a dual Socket A motherboard by the end of the first Quarter this year will put AMD in to the high end desktop market.

Everyone wants the government to cut costs, well, they are going to Linux according to Linux World 

13.01.01                  Nick

Damn, four days?? I've been slacking, why didn't someone send me an email to remind me??? Oh well, here is some news from around the web

Since we all like to have windows Bills way, here is something we can do about it from PC World. No Hex editing, no bios editing, don't even have to write your own code, just a good list of 49 easy things everyone can change.

SysReview has an petition up regarding the proposed Copywriting of hard drive information. As I understand it, this will prevent copying of any file saved to a hard drive. Next time you spend the weekend working on that program for work, and save it to your hard drive, forget taking a copy to work. If this idea is accepted, forget file sharing, backups, CD ripping, Napster, or any other perfectly legal activity. All in the name of stopping people from pirating software. I realize that it will be a few years before the drives are wide spread, but just the idea of this goes against the internet completely.

 OCAddiction has yet another heat sink review for the Socket A processor.

09.01.01                  Nick

Im tired and don't really feel like an update right now. Mostly because I spent all afternoon catching up in the newsgroups and at AthlonOC's freak show bulletin board and at Brain Buzz.

I did find this at AthlonOC in one of they bulletin boards. Sounds like something I would have come up with, Tweak it as far as possible, then a little further.

08.01.01                   Nick

I have a couple picture of our recent ice storm available here and here.

AMD is running away with more awards!

Think geek, other than being a kewl site, has a nice selection of poster to inspire others.

I know, its a short update. I will try to get more stuff tomorrow...

07.01.01                   Nick

Rizenet has mini heatsinks. Just what every computer needs. dozens of them. Clip them on ram, video cards, bus chips, everything. 

Ever wonder what programmers do to earn $50K per year??? BlueSmoke has a guide to programming. They dont cover a specific language, but the let you know what programming is, a little history, and how its done.

Trainwreck has yet another review of the mouse pad surfaces. This time with the sUrface 1030 mousepad. I personally like my track ball, but I dont game much anyway.

06.01.01                   Nick

VirtualHideout has a 5 way shoot out of Socket A heat sinks. Which is the best of CoolMaster, Taisol, GlobalWin, ArctiCooler, or Alpha??? Find out now.

The X-Box has finally debuted today, If anyone is in Las Vegas, let me know how it went.

RojakPot has a disk cache optimization update for those of us unfortunate enough to be running less than 256 MB of ram. 

05.01.01                   Nick

Microsoft is showing of their X-Box tomorrow!!! Everyone is excited right??? Ok, so its another gaming system, but will this one have the BSOD feature?

Alex emailed me something earlier today, he pointed out an interesting fact about our president elect George W. Bush.  What happens when a president gets elected in years ending with zero (which of course happens only every 20 years)?
1840: William Henry Harrison (Died in Office)
1860: Abraham Lincoln           (Assassinated)
1880: James A. Garfield          (Assassinated)
1900: William McKinley          (Assassinated)
1920: Warren G. Harding        (Died in Office)
1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt    (Died in Office)
1960: John F. Kennedy           (Assassinated)
1980: Ronald Reagan              (Barely Survived Assassination Attempt and Left Dying from Alzheimer's)
George, watch your back, you next inline to be assassinated.

04.01.01                   Nick

Everyone planning to buy an OCed an AMD needs to read this. Hard OCP has an article about resellers of over clocked CPU and motherboards. I don't really see what the problem is, they are selling them as an over clocked CPU, not as a factory clocked processor at that speed.

03.01.01                   Nick

Wow, What a week I have had. *l*. Well, now that life is sorta back to normal, I can get back into my routine of work sleep and updates. So here we go without further delay, Todays newz and tips and other bs.

I found a use for that old 386 that everyone has in the back of the closet or slid under the desk as a foot rest. Mikhailtek has a disassembly of one with some good uses for the  parts you pull out.

You knew it was going to happen soon.*l* I am just waiting to see someone glue a gorb to one and maybe an extra battery pack to handle the fans... Anyway here is Bright Hands article on how to over clock your pocket pc.

02.01.01                   Nick

Hardware OC had a rundown of building a budget PC. Its amazing what you get for $1000 these days. Especially when I spent almost twice that on a Pentium 75 with a 1.5 gig hard disk.

Flip Chip has a nice list of Pentium motherboards for those of you who are shopping for new stuff, and you know who you are. There are almost 500 different motherboards listed here.

01.01.01                   Nick

EXHardware has a review of the new Razer 2000 gamers mouse. With features like 2000 dpi, TOGG Scroll Wheel, Ambidextrous ergo-design and many more. This is a useful mouse when your about to frag your best friend in head to head competition.

PCWorld has a new review of their top 10 CD-RW drives. Its a good review, even though they dont have SCSI listed. 

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