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24.8.01                   Nick

OK, finially, I wrote an article (here) its a walk thru of how to mount a motherboard in a case and not kill anyone or anything.

I also have the pictures for making your own CAT5 cables, but I think that will have to wait a few days.

21.8.01                   Nick

Lemme see, what to write... I dont know, Im still trying to get used to doing this again on somewhat regular basis. I will start by mentioning I am planning another fan in my K6 (server now) and a How to on mounting mobos. It was brought up in and after a friend mounted his to the backplane without standoffs, I thought there might be a demand for it.

18.8.01                   Nick

ok, its been a few days since I have done this, so lets start with the obvious. got cheap on me and decided to charge for email. I have decided to go with opera mail. so my new addie is

Second notable, I gonna be posting a copy of forumocs heatsink lapping guide to my site.

Third, for those that care, I got my K6-400 back, its now running as the server for the LAN at home.

Last Months news is right here

Got News? Let me know.