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Ok, I finally got some pics of my computer so lets see what I have done to it. 

On the side I covered the existing hole on the inside where my fan wasn't with tape then on the outside, I went with Scotch Brite Pad for an air filter, the air filter has magnetic strips glued to the pad. On the front the filter is glued to the front, I haven't installed the grill guard yet, but when I do, it will clean it up nicely. I changed up the bay bus a little, the switches control my three of the my four case fans and the push button turns a light on and off.

Here is a nice shot of the beast booting. Honestly, the unlicensed Skull and Cross bones means nothing.*innocent grinz*

Here is a shot of  my computer in its hole running nicely.

And a shot of my computer in the dark. I don't have the internal light on because you cant see it well when its in the desk. plus I haven't cut out the side yet, so even when its on, you cant see a lot. You can see two of my three drive lights that I have added. these lights are independent of the motherboards light, I went with red to stay consistent with the existing lights.

Here is the motherboard side of my computer. It has two 60 mm fans hot glued into the back plane.  they stay rigidly mounted and cause almost no noise, besides air movement.

Ok, here is a sneak peak of the inside of my computer. DAMN that case is full...*g*

Now for the time you've all been waiting for............ the insides. I rounded all my ribbon cables with the exception of the scsi cable and that was because it was the only one I have and I kinda needed it and didn't want to screw it up yet. I spiral wrapped the ide and fdd cables together, all of the PSU wires are spiral wrapped together and branch off as they are used on drives, well to a point. I also bundled the front panel wires together with spiral wrap. well, without further delay, here you go...

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