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ATI Xpert 128 under Mandrake Linux.7.0 then under BeOS.

I know its old hardware, but with Linux, if you running anything better than a 386 with 8 meg of ram, you got a good machine for at least playing with Linux. I thought since I have had the site up for a while, it was time to do a hardware review over something. I decided to start with my system since I am most familiar with it. Upon installation, Linux recognized the video cards capability, which is limited by my monitor, It pulls 1024 x 768 in 32 bit color with no problem.

Unfotunately, I didn't have the same luck with BeOS, but that really doesn't surprise me, I built the system to be a windows, linux machine, but it has turned into a 98, 2000, Linux, and Be system with another partion on my drive for something, but I haven't decided what yet.